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Übersicht über die Einstein Lectures vergangener Jahre

2009, Prof. Frank Wilczek
What is Space - Majorana Returns - Anticipating a New Golden Age

2010, Prof. Peter Lax
Mathematics, Physics, and Computing - Degenerate Matrices - Mathematics and Mathematicians

2011, Prof. Ronald Dworkin
Einstein's Worship - Faith and Physics - Religion without God

2012, Prof. Andre Geim
Random Walk to Graphene - Magic of Flat Carbon - The Science of Flying Frogs

2013, Prof. Cédric Villani
Of Triangles, Gas, Prices and Men - From Riemann to the Synthetic Theory of Ricci Curvature - Stars, Particles and Probabilities: What is the Fate of Galaxies?

2014, Prof. Martha Nussbaum
Anger: Wrongdoing, Status, Payback - Anger and Retribution: Everyday Justice - Anger and Retribution: Revolutionary Justice

2015, Prof. Alan Guth
Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse? - Eternal Inflation and Its Implications - Cosmology and the Arrow of Time

2016, Prof. Martin Hairer
The Mathematics of Randomness - Random Loops - Taming Infinites

2017, Prof. Simon Blackburn
Truth in Human Affairs